Exterior and Interior Decoration

This page will help you to increase the exterior and interior decoration in your house, because we provide some pictures which can give reference for you. These pictures come from Gramercy Park Townhouse. This house is located in the middle of the town.

So, you don’t need spend much time to reach the house or school, because this house is built in the town. Even though this house is in the town, but this house is designed with creative imagination. This design makes this house becomes so comfortable for living.

See these pictures here. These are the exterior and interior home design which is designed by Fractal Construction. The impressive performance of the outside house comes from the window. These are snowflake glass window model. It makes you feel that the snowflakes adhering on the window.

See, there is a deck which is covered by iron railing. In that deck is designed with green plants and the table set. You can also put orange or purple armchair to create cheerful sensation to the deck.

Let’s go inside the house. There is brown semicircle sofa stand in this living room. It is unique sofa. This sofa is like slices of breads. In front of the sofa is the colorful rubber carpet. There are some books in the middle of the carpet. Next to them is the fireplace.

This fireplace is designed with wooden fireplace wall. Above the fireplace is the wall decoration. It is like water drops on the wall. In the other side is the bookcase. Next to bookcase is the desk. This desk keeps the computer and the sound system.

Then, there is dining table next to the living room. The black chairs are standing around the white oval table. Above the table is the lamp. The lamp is designed like flower. Next to the dining table is the kitchen. This kitchen is designed with white cafe chairs.

Next to the chair is the cabinet with faucet and sink. If you like this kitchen set, you can applied this kitchen as exterior designs. This kitchen set is nice as home interior and exterior design ideas because this kitchen is quite simple.

Furniture Design Ideas for Beautiful Exterior and Interior House

Today, we will give you great furniture design ideas which increase the usual home become a wonderful home performance. The performance which can be increased is not only in the interior house. They can increase the exterior house performance also.

Well, if you want to get a reference about it, you can see the pictures here. These pictures show the outside and inside house performance. Do you want to see them? Check it out.

Related to those statements, these are furniture design ideas pictures. The first picture is the outside house performance. The house is designed with white wall for the upstairs and wooden wall for basement. In the left side is created for garage, and the right side is the white stair.

This stair is designed with LED lighting. This lighting makes the stair become beautiful. Then, in the backyard, there are two pools. They are big swimming pool and kid swimming pool. Next to the big pool are black couches with small tables.

See the family room. There are two table sets in this room. The first one is armchairs with the patterned pillows stand in the corner of the room. Between them is the small table with flowers. The next table set is the white sleeper sofa with pillows. In front of the sofa is the black coffee table.

There are flowers, book and miniature on the table. The table stands on the grey carpet. On the wall, there are some photos. These photos increase the room performance.

Then, see the kitchen design. The kitchen is designed with wooden cabinet in black granite countertop top. This cabinet is designed in letter U. Next to the cabinet is the white cafe chairs. They are standing nicely next to the cabinet. These are room furniture design ideas simple for the kitchen.