Innovative Residence Architecture Idea in Natural Grey Scheme

There is a fabulous home design project namely House in a Hungarian Town. This contemporary house was designed by Bauer Polla and ZOA Architects. It is located in Hungary. This incredible house was constructed with futuristic concept of gray. We can see the deepness of modernism by looking at the exterior and interior part of the house. Now, let’s see some pictures of this stylish residence architecture below.

From the start, everybody must know that this residence architecture design is very fantastic and attractive to have. Basically, this house is designed with neat concept of front yard and façade view. Dark gray, white and yellow of wood dominate the façade part of the house elegantly.

That’s why we know that you will love this house so much at the first sight. Incredible elevation setting is displayed crystal clearly on the right side of the house. It looks like the house has loft verandah to support the natural elevation setting with turfs on the right side.

This two-story house integrates uncommon transparent glass fence to cover the balcony area on upper floor area. What makes this balcony unique is the application of the transparent fence. It is because the glass is not perfectly clear from creative written details applied on the glass. The result is the written detail reflected fabulously over the gray tiled floor in the balcony when the sunlight illuminating the fence.

Compare with the façade area of the modern residence architecture, the backyard area looks friendlier with manicured green turfs and pebbles. Simplicity and modernism are also displayed by the appearance of the home interior. It is a living space with high ceiling setting and cool modern furniture set to maximize the room.

Hey, wait until you visit a bedroom of this house. There is a bedroom for teenage boy which is full of red and silver scheme. It seems that the bedroom integrates Emo style to emphasize the masculine character of the teen boy.

Modern Family Home Design Set in Neat Arrangement

Today’s family home design project would be surprising for every homeowner around the world. Well, actually, this house was built only for those who love neat and perfectness so much. This house is called House THE. It was designed and completed by N-Lab Architects, Luxembourg city-based studio.

This contemporary two-level house is approximately located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Basically, this living space is designed elegantly in urban style. The sense of minimalist and simplicity in fact very crystal clearly displayed by the exterior and interior part of the house.

The family home designs ideas of the House THE are actually simple to adopt and even imitate. From the façade part, this two-story house looks simple with manicured lawn and simple fence surrounding the home site. There is a cute gateway to lead us into the front yard area with some greenery growing next to it.

On the right side, driving way go on lower part of the house where the garage should appear. Well, it is true that this contemporary house doesn’t emphasize protection for the homeowner. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry since it is located in safe neighborhood.

The House THE is extremely very minimalist on design. Large scale of transparency is offered to keep the homeowner can meet the nature. It seems that N-Lab Architects want to add such a natural scheme on the house by constructing balcony garden covered by wooden shuttered wall displayed on the right part of house. Go to the backyard area, this house looks very perfect as a family living space.

The backyard area of the modern family home design is spacious enough to give your precious children some room for playing. Go inside the house and then you will find very spacious room for living on the first floor. This first floor area accommodates living rooms, dining room and kitchen, whereas the second floor involves bedrooms and bath.

Grand House Design Project with Wooden Shutter Idea

We have discussed about the Elysium 170 home project in the previous article. Now, it is a good time to discuss the previous house design project by Richard Kirk Architect namely Elysium 176. Well, as like the Elysium 170, the Elysium 176 also incorporates wooden shutter to cover certain parts of the home exterior wall. It is displayed elegantly in some pictures at this post. It is equal with the next home project; the Elysium 176 is located in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

This dream house design project is featured with 3,280 square foot space for living with cool side outdoor swimming pool, courtyard and a large patio for gathering. Generally, the house design is very minimalist and neat in white and wood scheme. Some plantations are growing in built in pots located on the front yard area. Spacious front yard area unfortunately doesn’t involve turfs or lawn to keep the house fresher. There is only simple gray tiled flooring for carport area.

This two-story house is very elegant with some frameless glass windows installed orderly on the ground floor façade. And solid wooden shutter is also perfectly installed to cover the first floor façade to match the cool view of the ground floor façade.

Well, let’s check the interior part of this Elysium 176 home. Seen from the backyard area, this minimalist house with wooden shutter comes in long shaped living space with a medium courtyard located in the middle. This courtyard is covered by transparent glass ceiling to let the sunlight coming inside while protecting it from rain.

Besides nice open courtyard area, this house has spacious room area with paneled windows overlooking outdoor swimming pool. There is also relaxing gathering area in the backyard. This patio is furnished by patented wooden bench and clean counter with electric fireplace as warmer. It seems that the upper floor area of the house offers many other incredible views of the home design project ideas.

Clean Two-Story House with White Interior

Those who are obsessed with white color must see the two-story house that is located in Wellington Point, about 14 miles south-east of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This contemporary home uses many white interiors with clean design. The house is also blended very well with the trees around the house and on the poolside.

From outside, you can already see an elegant white walled house with cream poolside. On the poolside there are some white daybeds, and the light blue-colored pool makes a very nice, soft touch.

Though the main two-story house color is white, you still can see some uses of other colors like brown that come from the wood stairs and on the living room. The living room uses white sofas with the sofa bed, white cushions, white table, and white decorations arranged on the shelves across the sofa.

This room also has a direct access to the deck with glass railings with the sliding window doors. On the deck, you will see a white dining table with the touch or orange color from the jars on the table.

The master bedroom uses a rather classic touch with the white roses. There are some white roses craving above the white sliding door and white rose pattern on the bed cover and the pillows. The white floor has some parts covered with white fur carpet and there is a metallic cupboard that reflects the surrounding. The bathroom uses white bowl sink with white tub and white-tiled flooring on the shower room that uses glass wall.

There are some patterns used in the family room too. The room consists of white carpet with white round table on it. There’s an L-shaped white sofa and white cupboard across it for the TV and white vases for the decorations.

The patterns can be seen on the cushions that accompany the white two-story house furniture color with the plaid grey pattern, floral grey pattern, and also a black and white patterned chair beside the sofa.