Wooden Shutter to Open the House Up

Another incredible home design project was designed by Richard Kirk Architect. This creative architect has completed the next Elysium 176 in 2008 namely Elysium 170. Well, the design of the Elysium 170 house is actually quite similar with the Elysium 176.

Yet, this similar home project offers incredible concept of residence feature. Open floor plan house seems very attractive this time. And this house with wooden shutter was successfully designed by Richard Kirk as a wonderful and modern living space for single or family.

This incredible white house with wood shutters is located in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Generally, the house is fabulously simple with two-story home design. Minimalist volume was built on the ground floor to cover a half part of the garage fa├žade.

The main entrance of the house is located on the left side with steps and fence applied along the entranceway. This entrance area is covered perfectly by wooden shutter as well as we can find on the entire parts of the upper floor part.

Hey, wait until you see when the Elysium 170 wooden shutter is opened. A lot of transparency is displayed elegantly behind the shutter. Yes, the wooden shutter is basically opened by folding it aside. There, we can see transparent glass fence separating the shutter and interior area of the house.

The detail of wooden shutter is very smooth with mesh to allow the sunlight coming inside the house easily. Four panels of the wooden shutter are purposely designed with wide mesh. This shutter model works effectively to give you a private access to sneak peak outside.

When you are inside the Elysium 170 residence, a wonderful interior appearance is shown unexpectedly. The house wooden shutter is incredibly open without those wooden shutters. Since the transparency is covered completely by the shutters, everybody only can see outside view through the blinds. Hey, there is a relaxing indoor pond in the house. This pond involves amount of pebbles to give it texture underwater.