Unique House with Pool for Exercising and Playing with Family

Some people have some things to consider before buying or building a dream house. One of those things involves a swimming pool as home entertainment area for family. It is not hard to find a house with pool currently. It is because most modern houses always integrate a pool as main feature.

Well, an outdoor swimming pool is also incorporated in House in Dionysos. This home with pool project was designed and completed by Nikos Koukourakis & Associates.

This playful yet contemporary House in Dionysos is located in northeastern Attica, Greece. The house with pool plans basically appear in minimalist design as well as the House in Dionysos. It is covered by light gray scheme with dark gray accent covering some details like door and fence.

Some greenery is located on appropriate part of the house exterior to keep it refreshing and cool. When we go to the backyard, an inviting narrowed swimming pool was constructed. This pool doesn’t involve any ladder since it looks quite shallow for all members of family.

From the swimming pool side, everyone can see an open living space emphasized by contemporary open floor plan idea of glass door, wall and window. With this incredible transparency, everyone can see the appearance of living room, dining room, open kitchen, breakfast spot and of course an outdoor dining area for gathering in summer.

Hey, in fact, the House in Dionysos has a large backyard and side area for playing with children and pets. We can put a trampoline on this side of house with several throw pillows for relaxing or even playing.

An open carport with bridge style above it is functional as rooftop balcony surrounded by glass fence where people can gathering or just get a private space alone. Expectedly, without any window treatment, this house with pool floor plans is very romantic by night with bright illumination from indoor.