Modern Family Home Design Set in Neat Arrangement

Today’s family home design project would be surprising for every homeowner around the world. Well, actually, this house was built only for those who love neat and perfectness so much. This house is called House THE. It was designed and completed by N-Lab Architects, Luxembourg city-based studio.

This contemporary two-level house is approximately located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Basically, this living space is designed elegantly in urban style. The sense of minimalist and simplicity in fact very crystal clearly displayed by the exterior and interior part of the house.

The family home designs ideas of the House THE are actually simple to adopt and even imitate. From the façade part, this two-story house looks simple with manicured lawn and simple fence surrounding the home site. There is a cute gateway to lead us into the front yard area with some greenery growing next to it.

On the right side, driving way go on lower part of the house where the garage should appear. Well, it is true that this contemporary house doesn’t emphasize protection for the homeowner. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry since it is located in safe neighborhood.

The House THE is extremely very minimalist on design. Large scale of transparency is offered to keep the homeowner can meet the nature. It seems that N-Lab Architects want to add such a natural scheme on the house by constructing balcony garden covered by wooden shuttered wall displayed on the right part of house. Go to the backyard area, this house looks very perfect as a family living space.

The backyard area of the modern family home design is spacious enough to give your precious children some room for playing. Go inside the house and then you will find very spacious room for living on the first floor. This first floor area accommodates living rooms, dining room and kitchen, whereas the second floor involves bedrooms and bath.