Combine Mid Century House Design Concept in Chic Looking

Here is mid-century house design concept. The reason why we provide this home is because some people love this home model very much. So, we try to give a home performance with interior and exterior designs to help them. Probably, these pictures can add their inspiration to build their home plans.

Moreover, this home has the chic looking which makes the people feel comfort stay in this home. This chic looking is perfectly invited because of great design and decoration from this house.

Here are the pictures of the mid-century home style. The front house is designed with small garden space. There is black iron fence in the front house. Around the fence are the green plants. Then, you can see brown checkerboard flooring in the porch. See the house has the classy carving white columns.

They are so beautiful right? The color is matching with the wall and the window frame. In the middle of the wall front house is the door. On the top, there is a grey roof with two red brick chimneys.

See, there are three spaces which can be seen from outside, the first one is the cabinet. This cabinet is designed with faucet and sink. It is easy to make the outdoor party here, because there is a cabinet standing in there already. After that, there is family room.

The grey sofa and black armchair stand in front of the television. Then, the third space is the dining table. There are white chairs with wooden legs. In the middle of them is the wooden table. See, there is white classy chandelier above them.

Then, there is a room which can be used for living room. The black armchairs stand in this room. There is table with flowers on the vase between the chairs. This room is decorated with black wall and black oak flooring. There is striped carpet in dark colors in front of the chairs.

On the wall, it is standing mirror. This mirror is designed with beautiful carving mirror frame. Behind the chair is the window with white window frame. Those furniture designs are chic looking. For creating nice mid-century style home plans, this room is recommended.

Simple Redesigned Barn with Modern Interior

What you can to a redesigned barn can be unbelievable, like the barn that changed into a country house by Park Associati in Val Tidone in Italian region Emilia-Romagna. The country house offers a great view because of the location in the uphill. The old small barn has turned into a two stories barn with large space. The exterior uses exposed brick wall and there is another small building with wood walls.

For the exterior of this redesigned barn ideas there is a plant growing on the wall that even covers some of the window parts. There is a small wood floored terrace with dining table and a white daybed placed on the wood plank that can be accessed from outside or through the sliding window door.

On the other side, there’s another dining table placed outside on a part with stone floor. The outside part near this area is full of small plants.

Inside, there are some parts with stone floor while the other uses wood floor. The use of stone also exposed on the living room, accompanied with a grey sofa. This room is also available for reading because of the large integrated bookshelves and some chairs and also a daybed placed near the shelves.

Another wood dining table is placed near the stainless steel kitchen and the stairs. These stairs will bring you to where the private space is located.

There are two bedrooms that you can find in the house. First is the master bedroom with wood bed and white mattress, completed with a bathroom inside, and the other is the children’s bedroom with twin beds. There are many fabric dolls hanged on the wall of the bedroom as the decorations. Other redesigned barn decoration ideas available are some paintings and potted plants that can be seen on the living room and the kitchen.