Innovative Residence Architecture Idea in Natural Grey Scheme

There is a fabulous home design project namely House in a Hungarian Town. This contemporary house was designed by Bauer Polla and ZOA Architects. It is located in Hungary. This incredible house was constructed with futuristic concept of gray. We can see the deepness of modernism by looking at the exterior and interior part of the house. Now, let’s see some pictures of this stylish residence architecture below.

From the start, everybody must know that this residence architecture design is very fantastic and attractive to have. Basically, this house is designed with neat concept of front yard and façade view. Dark gray, white and yellow of wood dominate the façade part of the house elegantly.

That’s why we know that you will love this house so much at the first sight. Incredible elevation setting is displayed crystal clearly on the right side of the house. It looks like the house has loft verandah to support the natural elevation setting with turfs on the right side.

This two-story house integrates uncommon transparent glass fence to cover the balcony area on upper floor area. What makes this balcony unique is the application of the transparent fence. It is because the glass is not perfectly clear from creative written details applied on the glass. The result is the written detail reflected fabulously over the gray tiled floor in the balcony when the sunlight illuminating the fence.

Compare with the façade area of the modern residence architecture, the backyard area looks friendlier with manicured green turfs and pebbles. Simplicity and modernism are also displayed by the appearance of the home interior. It is a living space with high ceiling setting and cool modern furniture set to maximize the room.

Hey, wait until you visit a bedroom of this house. There is a bedroom for teenage boy which is full of red and silver scheme. It seems that the bedroom integrates Emo style to emphasize the masculine character of the teen boy.

Contemporary Minimalist House Model Located in Australia

Do you still remember the Elysium 170 and 176 designed by Richard Kirk Architect? Well, this one is also Elysium house model. Yet, this time, it is called Elysium 169 House. Unlike two other Elysium houses, the Elysium 169 was designed by BVN Architecture firm.

It is located in the same home site as well as the Elysium 170 and 176. It is in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. This house design is not similar with two other Elysium houses. This 169 house is more minimalist or modest in white painted exterior.

It can be seen from the façade area, a simple setting of garage and steps for the entrance looks very inviting. There is no lawn covering the front yard of house model building. There are only some bushes growing on the dark ground on the edge of the house. A short gridded gateway is installed right in front of the main entrance door for protection.

From the front part of the house, everybody must know that the Elysium 169 looks very private and closed for the homeowner. Hey, everyone will be surprised when they go to backyard through the side of the house.

It is because the Elysium 169 involves gorgeous transparency to keep the living space spacious and wide open. Well, this house is basically featured with deck, open dining room area, long outdoor swimming pool and open lounge. All of the open rooms can be so private by covering it with sliding wooden shutters. We can see of how to operate the sliding shutter from the pictures.

In open floor plan concept, the interior of the Elysium 169 looks very spacious and airy. This house model project on the ground floor comes with double height ceiling style to make the room wider. A simple lounge area is located on the center with brown leather quilted sofa set and chic coffee table. From the lounge area, bold detail dominates a side wall where the transition of home level met each other.