Grand Home Design Idea with Wooden Shutter to Have

There is another incredible Elysium House project designed by BVN Architecture. This house is known as Elysium 154. Just like the Elysium 169, this home design idea also integrates minimalist concept of exterior and interior home concept. This house is located in similar location with other series of the Elysium House of 170, 176 and 169. It is in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

The uniqueness of the Elysium 154 is displayed by little curving detail installed on the back part of the house building. From the façade of house, it looks very minimalist with flat roof and simple wall details. Yet, what makes it is impressive is the application of wooden shutters. The wooden shutters cover some parts of the house wall in front, side and back side. Let’s check them out in the home design idea gallery here.

Well, the Elysium 154 consists of two entrance areas. The first entrance is bigger than another. This bigger entrance leads the homeowner to go inside the garage through that stylish wooden shuttered door. The second entrance area is the main doorway which can be accessed with steps. Double height ceiling concept is shown from the main doorway since it comes with transparent glass door.

Go to backyard area of the Elysium 154, unique asymmetric home arrangement looks eye catching. There, everybody can enjoy the day by gathering and relaxing in swimming pool, large outdoor lounge surrounded by transparent glass fences. The main entrance door leads us into a staircase and straight way into an open kitchen area. Some home design idea pictures display several parts of the home interior here.

In fact, the home interior certainly looks very minimalist and spacious in white, wood scheme and black. If you want much of modernism inside the house, you can visit the master bathroom. This master bath is spacious in open floor plan idea. Floating dark wooden vanity seems contrast among the white wall and stuff.