Small Contemporary Studio with Great View

For some artists, having their own contemporary studio is important for their work. This studio must have a supportive environment too to bring inspirations to the artist. That’s why a studio often built near the shore or in the forest that gives a great view, like the Bridge Studio built by Saunders Architecture located on Fogo Island that is the largest of the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

With the location that is in the middle of the island without any other house nearby, the studio looks stands out with the small white building contemporary studio design. There is also a window facing the lake of the island.

To solve the need of electricity, this house is provided with a solar panel, installed near the studio that can be effectively used because of the open space allows many natural sunlight to come to the studio and the panel.

The studio is a small one-room building with vertical rectangular shape and exposed stonewall. Because of the location, there are some metal pillars below it. You can go to the studio from only one side, through a small bright colored wood bridge with black metal railings.

With only 306 square foot, the building is designed with a simple and clean interior for the owner, with the large white-framed window. Inside, you will find a building with white wood wall and wood ceiling, also with white color.

For the preparation of the cold weather, there is a small black fireplace. Near it, there are two shelves for the firewood. Across the fireplace, there are other shelves for some files and packages. After that, there are small white stairs that will lead to the working space.

The table is stretched with L shape from the shelves of the files to the corner of the working space. For the lighting of the contemporary studio interior design there are some white studio ceiling lamps.

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