Outstanding Modern Summerhouse in the Trees

Having a contemporary summerhouse in the forest guarantee you to have a nice summer vacation with the family or friends, and the Nitsche Arquitetos Associados have found a perfect place to build one in Iporanga, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The trees and a lake on the backside surround this two stories house. This house also provided a terrace with wood floor for some wood daybeds and dining space. However, you can move them and change the space for a party.

The contemporary summerhouse ideas use the uncommon touches of turquoise color for the iron on the ceiling. There are also uses of glass walls to expose the beauty of the forest outside the house. There are two stairs to go to the upper level that placed on the outside and inside.

Both use wood stairs, but one is surrounded with glass walls, while the other leads to the upper floor’s wood deck with black metal railings. Since the upper level is used for private space, you can close the blue curtains for privacy.

The lower level is a place for the living space with the kitchen, living room, and dining table. There are two metal dining tables with green granite top and white and grey chairs in front of the wood island of the kitchen. The island is used for some storage on the shelves; the kitchen also has some wood shelves and uses black counters with black tiled walls and flooring. Near the kitchen are the white sofas of the living room to watch the TV.

The living room is completed with a wood table with a jar for the decoration. There is also a potted flower on the dining table.

Though the upper level uses glass walls too, but what you can see from outside is the narrow hallway that shows the doors of the bedrooms. You can’t also see the contemporary summerhouse furniture ideas of the upper floor because both sides are covered with concrete wall.

Oriental Wide Courtyard House in Arizona

Create a more lively and romantic feeling with a courtyard house that keeps the privacy behind the white concrete wall and wood garage door. The idea can be got from the Six: Courtyard Houses located in Tucson, Arizona, USA by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects. The house is one of the six houses in the same project. On the outside of the gate, there is a single tree and a lamp on the ground that highlights the house’s number.

To go inside, you can go through the metal door and walk through the concrete way to the house. At night, there will be some lamps on the ground too along the way. After the entrance, you will find the courtyard beside you with some trees and small plants. The door to the house is surrounded with windows that will allow the people inside to look at the outer part of the courtyard house design while sitting on the living room that uses leather chairs, wood table, and a white fur carpet.

Beside the living room, you will find the wood dining table and chairs and the wood island of the kitchen. There are three bedrooms available, each with the closet and the bathroom though the master bedroom and bathroom have larger spaces.

The master bedroom is located on the corner of the house with white bed and some wood chairs with the direct access to the walk-in closet and the master bathroom.

The master bathroom itself uses white cabinets and two white sinks with flowers on the vase. The shower room is using blurred glass as the separator and blue tiled wall. To enjoy the central courtyard, you can go to the long hallway of the gallery that can be accessed from the garage or from the living space. There is a wood bench on the window bay to enjoy courtyard house design exterior through the black-framed windows.

Contemporary Four-Story House Ready to Use

Though it’s not common, but some people find an interest to build a four-story house even in an uphill. If you are looking for one of them, then you can take a look at the Plak Residence by Propeller Z located in the western outskirts of Vienna, Austria. You can see from the pictures that there isn’t any furniture inside yet, and the exterior design allows you to have a great look, especially from the top floor.

The house has a unique shape of exterior that reminds you of a starship on the movie with the white wall, ceiling-height windows, and out warded parts. There is also some ventilation that can be seen from beside the house and not all of them put in the same height. The lowest level is rather hidden with the black pillars and the entrance. This four-story house design has a small way and terrace before the entrance too.

Because there isn’t any furniture on the inside, all you can see is almost all clean white color, except for the wood stairs with the wood railings and some floors that use wood floors too. There is a room after the stairs that you can use for the reading room because of the white shelves available perfect for the book collections and some decorations. This room uses sliding glass door and you can go to the deck from here with the black-framed window door.

The kitchen is also dominated with white with the use of white islands and cupboard. There is an integrated oven on the cupboard available too. You can cook in the kitchen while looking at the view of the trees through the glass wall. The upper floor of the four-story house plan design has a wood bench with some shelves and round ceiling lamps with a part of lower level.

Contemporary House with Pool with Two Stories

Those who love swimming will dream of a house with pool. However, what’s important is not just about the pool, but also the whole house design so that you and your family can relax after doing some exercises. For example, you can see a large house with two stories in Los Angeles, California, USA, designed by Ehrlich Architects, the Carillo Residence. The house isn’t just has a private pool, but also a nice small yard around it.

You can go for a walk around the house by following the stone ways around the grass yard. The house is also surrounded with trees, and at night the building will be brightened with orange lights from the lamps on the ground.

The house with pool ideas placed the private pool at the backyard with a small poolside consists of two white daybeds and a dining space. This pool can be accessed through the rolling window doors.

The living space that is located near the pool uses brown sofa and some wood chairs with a glass-topped table. There is a small fireplace also in the exposed stonewalls, though you maybe think twice to go here after swimming because the sofa isn’t waterproof and there’s a vintage rug too.

A same type of sofa is also used in the family space, complete with the vintage rug, but with the addition of black daybed and a flat TV on the wood partition.

Across the family space, you will find the dining room, combined with the kitchen. The kitchen is dominated with white while the dining table uses wood with the companion of metal chairs and hanging round lamp above it.

These rooms use sliding window doors for natural light. On the backside of the dining space, you can see the house with pool furniture ideas with the use of large wood cupboard with a shelf on it.

Successful House Renovation Producing Golden Interior

Conducting house renovation for 18th century building can be a hard task. However, Jose Adriao Arquitecto has completed this Baixa House project with great success. This home renovation is designed by creating bright home interior. The application of rustic texture and monochromatic color makes this interior looks chic. Rustic texture is applied on the interior ceiling.

Rustic wood is painted in white without eliminating the rustic look. Glass windows are also installed on the ceiling allowing the natural light brighten the interior. The interior wall is painted in white. The interior flooring is in white wooden flooring.

Contemporary concept is applied in this house renovation project. The furniture applied in this interior is also in modern style. The dining area is furnished with modern black chairs and white wooden table. Comfortable sofa is placed in the living room. Black sleek chair is placed right in front of this white sofa.

This room is located in the attic, but it still looks stylish. The other room is furnished with wooden furniture in light wooden color. Woven chair is located in front of classic windows in white color.

The kitchen is also in white color theme. Kitchen furniture is designed in seek model and in white color. This is suitable for the white monochromatic theme applied in this room. The traditional furniture in rustic texture is also applied in this minimalist room. Wooden benches in traditional style are placed together with traditional chair in black color.

Before the renovation, this house was an abandoned house that was broken. The interior wallpaper is left there with the classic door. The windows, staircase, and the interior wall were untreated well. The house condition was broken and dirty. The house renovation result shows different house look becomes the chic modern house in minimalist style with classical accent.

Minimalist Contemporary Home in Spain

When you have a large lot that you can use to build your contemporary home maybe you can try the idea from the ABATON studio from Madrid that has completed the building of Mar de Encinas Project, located in Las Marias, Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain.

This home connects the two building with a bridge with glass wall. There are also empty rooftops; one with metal railings and the other isn’t for outdoor activities and to enjoy the view of the trees and the blue sky.

For the exterior, the contemporary home design is a home with white concrete wall on the outside located between the large trees. Since the separated part is located above a rocky lot, this building is floating with the support of strong metal pillars.

There is also an out warded part with ceiling-height windows to enjoy the view from inside and a small deck with wood floor and metal railings on the lower level that can be accessed from the concrete stairs.

Inside, you will find a home with a minimalist design and some parts look classical. For example, you can see at the living room that has an unpainted ceiling. The furniture used is the wood table, dark grey sofa with extra chair and a brown-colored carpet.

However, the kitchen looks modern with domination of white color. There is an island with white top, with integrated sink and stove on it. There is also a stool for the island.

The stairs also use concrete material with the wall beside is left unpainted too. After the stairs, you will find the master bedroom that has a great view of the trees, especially at autumn.

The bedroom uses white mattress with a table behind it for the table lamps with flexible arms. There are also a stone sink placed in the contemporary home bedroom design located on the white floating table.

Comfortable Additional Room in Separated Building

Having many guests in the house sometimes makes the owner need an additional room. This room can be placed whether inside or outside the house and is functioned only for a temporary stay. An example of an outside additional can be seen from the Minilao by Larawan Ink from Philippines that is located among trees along the coast of Anilao, in the province of Batangas, Philippines that gives both the view of the trees and the sea.

Both buildings of the house use traditional roof to blend with the nature and there is a small gazebo near the beach. Most part uses wood material for the building, combined with white wall and pillars. The additional room design itself placed on the second floor to give a wide view of the sea from the deck and from the wood-framed window door.

On the corner of the deck, there’s a wood bench for the seat and a working desk on the other side.

As the main purpose of the building is for an extra bedroom, the bed space is designed to be as comfortable as possible. There isn’t any use of bed, but the white mattress is placed above a wood level. On the corner, there is a small wood cupboard with a table lamp on it.

Near the folding window door, there is another cupboard with some shelves for other stuff like the books. The room is simply decorated with a framed movie poster that is left not hanged on the wall.

Next is the bathroom that uses exposed stonewall. Because it is only an addition, there isn’t any tub available in the bathroom. The bathroom uses a white sink, placed on the wood table beside the toilet. For the cleaning, this bathroom uses a shower with different flooring on the shower part.

Across the shower of the additional room design interior there is a wood cupboard for the towel and clothes with some shelves for decorations.

Small Contemporary Studio with Great View

For some artists, having their own contemporary studio is important for their work. This studio must have a supportive environment too to bring inspirations to the artist. That’s why a studio often built near the shore or in the forest that gives a great view, like the Bridge Studio built by Saunders Architecture located on Fogo Island that is the largest of the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

With the location that is in the middle of the island without any other house nearby, the studio looks stands out with the small white building contemporary studio design. There is also a window facing the lake of the island.

To solve the need of electricity, this house is provided with a solar panel, installed near the studio that can be effectively used because of the open space allows many natural sunlight to come to the studio and the panel.

The studio is a small one-room building with vertical rectangular shape and exposed stonewall. Because of the location, there are some metal pillars below it. You can go to the studio from only one side, through a small bright colored wood bridge with black metal railings.

With only 306 square foot, the building is designed with a simple and clean interior for the owner, with the large white-framed window. Inside, you will find a building with white wood wall and wood ceiling, also with white color.

For the preparation of the cold weather, there is a small black fireplace. Near it, there are two shelves for the firewood. Across the fireplace, there are other shelves for some files and packages. After that, there are small white stairs that will lead to the working space.

The table is stretched with L shape from the shelves of the files to the corner of the working space. For the lighting of the contemporary studio interior design there are some white studio ceiling lamps.

Inspiring Three-Story House for Family of Five

Speaking of home for family, it seems that Tsl House is a perfect choice to accommodate your family of five. Well, simply, this fabulous three-story house promises two bedrooms with double bed and a couple bedrooms for kids. Well, this house also offers a large carport to park two cars at the same time without reducing space for living.

Generally, this house is located in the province of Walloon Brabant. It is a peace neighborhood with great green lawn and few trees to reflect new residential around you.

The Tsl House is the three story house designs that were completed by Adn Architectures firm. This contemporary house was completely done in 2011 with effective 3,700 square foot of space maximized efficiently for living. Well, with a basement, ground floor and upper floor, it seems that the Tsl House can accommodate all essential room areas such as living room, dining room, kitchen, baths and bedrooms.

Basically, the exterior part of the Tsl house is dominated in brown color coming from the brick tiled wall. To contrast this traditional scheme, the interior part of the house comes in white. Besides common application of white color paint, this contemporary three-story living space is energizing with hot red accent painted in special area like kitchen. Besides the hot red accent, wood scheme is displayed in some certain parts of the house such as internal doors, staircase and floor.

Unlike common minimalist house around the world, the Tsl House offers irregular detail and shape over the interior. Even we can see a great transition of full and half wall styles. Concrete staircase fence also looks simple to maximize this irregular home interior.

Some three-story house pictures here can be our inspiration for building similar house with different innovation to try. Well, even everyone has a big right to have a contemporary and unique house for living.

Unique House with Pool for Exercising and Playing with Family

Some people have some things to consider before buying or building a dream house. One of those things involves a swimming pool as home entertainment area for family. It is not hard to find a house with pool currently. It is because most modern houses always integrate a pool as main feature.

Well, an outdoor swimming pool is also incorporated in House in Dionysos. This home with pool project was designed and completed by Nikos Koukourakis & Associates.

This playful yet contemporary House in Dionysos is located in northeastern Attica, Greece. The house with pool plans basically appear in minimalist design as well as the House in Dionysos. It is covered by light gray scheme with dark gray accent covering some details like door and fence.

Some greenery is located on appropriate part of the house exterior to keep it refreshing and cool. When we go to the backyard, an inviting narrowed swimming pool was constructed. This pool doesn’t involve any ladder since it looks quite shallow for all members of family.

From the swimming pool side, everyone can see an open living space emphasized by contemporary open floor plan idea of glass door, wall and window. With this incredible transparency, everyone can see the appearance of living room, dining room, open kitchen, breakfast spot and of course an outdoor dining area for gathering in summer.

Hey, in fact, the House in Dionysos has a large backyard and side area for playing with children and pets. We can put a trampoline on this side of house with several throw pillows for relaxing or even playing.

An open carport with bridge style above it is functional as rooftop balcony surrounded by glass fence where people can gathering or just get a private space alone. Expectedly, without any window treatment, this house with pool floor plans is very romantic by night with bright illumination from indoor.