House Designing Ideas

This time, you will see a modern house designing ideas which is located in the hill near the town. So, you can go to the town for working or schooling easily. Anyway, because of this home is built in the hill, so you can enjoy the city light view. This view is extremely beautiful in the night.

The home which is designed by McMahon Architects make you can see the view around the California, because this home is located in the California, USA. Do you interested to see it? Check this out to know more information about this home.

These are the house design ideas pictures. The home is built with some levels. The exterior house seems like the mid century home concept. There are some glass windows in that home. The wall is colored by white and brown colors. In the deck, there is table set. You can sit on the chair and enjoy the city light view.

The green chairs are standing on the glass tile flooring. In front of the chairs is the table. This deck is covered by black railing. After that, there is deck which is designed with black armchairs with the portable pyramid fireplace in the middle.

See inside the home then. One of impressive performance from this home is the dining room. There are yellow chairs stand around the glass table. On the table, there are some mini plants on the vase. These furniture designs stand on the patterned carpet.

This room is colored with grey wall. See, the other dining table. This dining table is placed next to the kitchen. These are white chairs with black legs and the circle wooden table. In the middle of the table is white earthenware.

See the bedroom. The big bed stands with white blanket. There are some pillow models on the bed. The bed stands on the white soft carpet. In the right and left sides of this bed is the black desk with the white lampshade and glass lamp holder. Those are interior exterior house design ideas pictures with city light view.

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