Successful House Renovation Producing Golden Interior

Conducting house renovation for 18th century building can be a hard task. However, Jose Adriao Arquitecto has completed this Baixa House project with great success. This home renovation is designed by creating bright home interior. The application of rustic texture and monochromatic color makes this interior looks chic. Rustic texture is applied on the interior ceiling.

Rustic wood is painted in white without eliminating the rustic look. Glass windows are also installed on the ceiling allowing the natural light brighten the interior. The interior wall is painted in white. The interior flooring is in white wooden flooring.

Contemporary concept is applied in this house renovation project. The furniture applied in this interior is also in modern style. The dining area is furnished with modern black chairs and white wooden table. Comfortable sofa is placed in the living room. Black sleek chair is placed right in front of this white sofa.

This room is located in the attic, but it still looks stylish. The other room is furnished with wooden furniture in light wooden color. Woven chair is located in front of classic windows in white color.

The kitchen is also in white color theme. Kitchen furniture is designed in seek model and in white color. This is suitable for the white monochromatic theme applied in this room. The traditional furniture in rustic texture is also applied in this minimalist room. Wooden benches in traditional style are placed together with traditional chair in black color.

Before the renovation, this house was an abandoned house that was broken. The interior wallpaper is left there with the classic door. The windows, staircase, and the interior wall were untreated well. The house condition was broken and dirty. The house renovation result shows different house look becomes the chic modern house in minimalist style with classical accent.

Deluxe 4 Star Hotel Design with High Level of Simplicity

Speaking of hotel quality, there are numerous 4 star hotel design ideas available around the world. Every hotel must have its own feature, facility and something to attract the guests and tourists for staying longer. One of those hotels is called NU Hotel.

This 4 star hotel is elegant with unique windows and shutter completing the exterior side of the hotel. Generally, this 4 star hotel was constructed with much of simplicity. And this simplicity is displayed elegantly on exterior and interior of it.

Well, the NU Hotel was recently completed by Nisi Magnoni. This Italian architect completed this 4 star hotel room design with 38 rooms to accommodate hundreds of guests at the same time. With those unique windows and wooden shutters, expectedly, each guest bedroom is designed in small space. We can see some hotel room interior samples in the pictures after this. Now, let’s check some public facility given by the NU Hotel.

Restaurant is one of very comfortable areas constructed inside the NU Hotel. This dining area is furnished with luxurious wooden dining table and chairs. Transparent glass bottles, a vase and some glasses become nice and simple centerpiece on the top of rounded wooden table.

This dining area may be the most romantic room in the hotel since it is illuminated by a mount of gorgeous pendants. The pendants are hung on the ceiling randomly to give lighting just like star light for the entire part of dining area.

Other public areas are also available for conference and taking breakfast and dinner with cool transparency concept of interior. Now, talking about 4 star hotel interior design of bedroom, everybody would love the appearance of the resting room so much. It is true that the bedroom is quite small. Yet, Nisi Magnoni understands how to maximize this small space while please the guest as well.

Classic Room Decoration as High Life Style

Nowadays, there are many elegant room decoration concepts. Many building are designed to make the people feel comfortable. Moreover, the hotel appearance becomes a favorite place living for high class people. The hotel needs up to date design which can bring best facilities to guest. So that, the guest can enjoys live in that hotel.

Do you want increase your hotel plan? You can see some pictures here to get the reference. This is Barcelo Raval Hotel which is pretty famous I the Barcelona, Spain. It is designed by CMV Architects.

These are the pictures of this hotel. This hotel is designed in the town which provides the beautiful city light view in the night. Well, let’s see the performance of the inside the hotel. In the front office, there is long desk with some computers.

The beautiful women are standing on there for welcoming the guest. Next to that place is the other elegant room decorating idea. You can see the black chairs standing in front of the black long table. Then, there is special lamp. The horse sculpture lamp holder appears with black lampshade.

Let’s see the bedroom now. The bedroom is designed with white bed cover and white pillows. In the corner of the room is the green white chair. Next to the chair is the glass table. In the left side of this bed is the white desk. Anyway, this room uses green ceiling.

Then, there is a white cabinet near that bed. The cabinet is designed with square white single bowl sink and the silver faucet. Next to them is the small circle mirror. You can wash your face after wake up in that place.

Then, see the dining room then. This dining room is designed for public dining room. So, many people who live in that hotel can have a dinner in the same place. Anyway, you can see the high life style which can be seen by the dining room performance. These are white tubes on the ceiling, white chairs and white table. In the middle of the table is the pattern lampshade. How elegant dining room decorating ideas it is.

House Designing Ideas

This time, you will see a modern house designing ideas which is located in the hill near the town. So, you can go to the town for working or schooling easily. Anyway, because of this home is built in the hill, so you can enjoy the city light view. This view is extremely beautiful in the night.

The home which is designed by McMahon Architects make you can see the view around the California, because this home is located in the California, USA. Do you interested to see it? Check this out to know more information about this home.

These are the house design ideas pictures. The home is built with some levels. The exterior house seems like the mid century home concept. There are some glass windows in that home. The wall is colored by white and brown colors. In the deck, there is table set. You can sit on the chair and enjoy the city light view.

The green chairs are standing on the glass tile flooring. In front of the chairs is the table. This deck is covered by black railing. After that, there is deck which is designed with black armchairs with the portable pyramid fireplace in the middle.

See inside the home then. One of impressive performance from this home is the dining room. There are yellow chairs stand around the glass table. On the table, there are some mini plants on the vase. These furniture designs stand on the patterned carpet.

This room is colored with grey wall. See, the other dining table. This dining table is placed next to the kitchen. These are white chairs with black legs and the circle wooden table. In the middle of the table is white earthenware.

See the bedroom. The big bed stands with white blanket. There are some pillow models on the bed. The bed stands on the white soft carpet. In the right and left sides of this bed is the black desk with the white lampshade and glass lamp holder. Those are interior exterior house design ideas pictures with city light view.

Interior and Exterior Designs in Modern Styles

We know that interior and exterior designs decide the home performance will be. So, we need be careful to choose the furniture designs to the home. The good furniture model combination will create good performance, but bad furniture model combination will create bad performance. Now, we will show you the good performance of the home. Do you want to see it? This home is called The Staller House designed by Richard Neutra.

Here are some interior and exterior designs house pictures of the project. See, the home is designed with modern concept and natural landscape. In the front yard, in the basement, there is a garage. Then, there is a long deck in upstairs.

The front landscape is small green yard. See the backyard then. There is square swimming pool. Next to the pool are the white couches with wheels. They are standing on the white flooring near the green grass. The house is designed with glass wall in the upstairs and the white wall in the basement.

See the living room first in the inside house. There are brown sofas and brown armchair stand around the geometric table. They stand on the grey carpet. This room is pretty warm because there is a fireplace in this room. See the dining room then. There are wooden chairs with modern style standing around the long glass table.

This dining table is used for big family. From this room, the people can enjoy the outside view through the glass wall.

Then, there is bedroom which placed in the corner of house. The bed is designed with white bed cover and white pillows. In the right and left sides this bed are the wooden desks.

You can put your stuff and the accessory on that desk. In the corner of this room is the wooden chair with nice carving. After all, modern house designs interior and exterior pictures hopefully can give you much reference.

Deluxe Contemporary Apartment with Gold Decorations

The Triumph Place Apartment is a luxurious contemporary apartment with luxurious decorations with gold color. The Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin has designed the interior of the 57th story apartment in Moscow, Russia. The apartment is dominated with white color wood furniture, with touches of gold color that looks glamour. This apartment is also completed with room for working and spacious living space.

The living space of the contemporary apartment interior uses curved white sofa with two metal tables, completed with an integrated TV on the yellow wood cupboard. Besides, there is also another cupboard for the decorations. Near this space, you will find the dining room that is combined with the kitchen, dominated with white color with a dark wood cupboard and a stainless steel integrated oven.

There is also an abstract-shaped hanging lamp above the glass dining table. Near it, you can also find a wood plank with some stools.

The working room is placed in a white-walled room with ceiling-height windows, covered with white curtain and glass wall with a glass door on the center. Inside, you can work on the glass table with a curve-legged chair or relax yourself in a curvy daybed. To bright the room at night, you can turn on the table lamp or the white standing lamp. If you want a closed space, you can also work in one of the bedrooms that consist of the round bed with white table and a golden chair on the corner.

To make the apartment looks more glamour and elegant, there are some decorations placed on the rooms. On the living space, you can see some gold statues and bottles. On the working room, you can find a potted small tree with some empty curved pots. There are also some potted flowers on the dining space. You can also see contemporary apartment interior decoration on the bedroom that uses golden candle holder.

Marvelous Contemporary Home with Minimalist Interior Design

If you want to keep the spacious look within your residence, the minimalist interior design would be a great idea. Despite the lack of decorative accessories to decorate the room, it does not mean that the minimalist style cannot result in stylish and wonderful result. With the help of creative designer, your minimalist room can look really fantastic as well. And today, we will take you to see a contemporary home in Israel designed by Domb Architects.

Seeing this home, entitled as DG House, from outdoor, you will find a simple modern home that equips the wooden shades to keep this residence shut from the pedestrian walkway. This way, DG House would be a perfect reference for you when you want to keep the same privacy as well.

But, what makes this cozy contemporary home is not only its exquisite cube architecture, which can be enjoyed clearly from the home courtyard. But, it is because of the clever mix of functional items with extraordinary design style, such as the lighting. Needless to say, the creativity takes utmost.

Walking inside this home, you better be prepared to get stunned with the marvelous design for the lighting in this cozy living room. The exquisite and irregular lighting shape drives this cozy room to appear a bit sophisticated. As you can see, this one would be more than enough to be featured in this simple and minimalist room. Yet, you can also see the comfortable modern sofas in lovely beige color combined with the gorgeous red rug, resulting in the rich yet warm color combination that defines the coziness within this space.

Moving to the dining space, you will find another marvelous and extraordinary design for the lighting as well. Wrapped in simple grey color, the lighting successfully helps making the simple dining set looks more sophisticated. The chaotic look,

in fact, contains the irresistible aesthetics aspect that will help making this cozy contemporary home interior looks really appealing, despite the lack of accessories. As you can see, the choice of color also helps making this irregular piece blending with the clean white and minimalist interior as well.

Sleek Clean Lines Employed in Colonial Building Interior

Have we ever imagined that a colonial building has interior with clean lines? It seems not common since usually colonial building has the traditional or classical interior design. However, Hernandez Silva Arquitectos shows that contemporary interior can be applied in classical building through this PPDG Penthouse project.

This colonial building located in Mexico has been remodeled by applying contemporary concept in its interior. The result is an inspiring modern interior applying practical and simple principals. The color theme used in the interior design is also varied based on modern concept.

Clean lines in interior always give the sleek look. It can be seen from this corridor designed in practical concept. The corridor walls are in different colors. It is in white in one side, and red in the other side. This gives playful accent in this interior color application.

The corridor flooring is in white tile flooring. The lightings are set in recessed lighting style. The lighting are not only installed on the ceiling, but they are also set in the flooring.

The dining area has a set of modern dining furniture. A set of modern chairs covered in white sheets looks great with a rectangular dining table in bold color. Blue modern sconce is hung above this modern furniture giving the beautiful additional lighting. Large glass wall displays the beautiful nature views.

The living room is in true contemporary style. A white comfortable sofa is placed together with a set of dark brown sofas in velvet materials. Colorful tables are placed in the middle of these modern sofas. White interior wall, ceiling, and flooring makes the interior looks bright.

This colorful interior gives the fresh look and playful style. Applying clean lines are the most suitable design concept for the contemporary style no matter how classic the home exterior is.

Clean Two-Story House with White Interior

Those who are obsessed with white color must see the two-story house that is located in Wellington Point, about 14 miles south-east of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This contemporary home uses many white interiors with clean design. The house is also blended very well with the trees around the house and on the poolside.

From outside, you can already see an elegant white walled house with cream poolside. On the poolside there are some white daybeds, and the light blue-colored pool makes a very nice, soft touch.

Though the main two-story house color is white, you still can see some uses of other colors like brown that come from the wood stairs and on the living room. The living room uses white sofas with the sofa bed, white cushions, white table, and white decorations arranged on the shelves across the sofa.

This room also has a direct access to the deck with glass railings with the sliding window doors. On the deck, you will see a white dining table with the touch or orange color from the jars on the table.

The master bedroom uses a rather classic touch with the white roses. There are some white roses craving above the white sliding door and white rose pattern on the bed cover and the pillows. The white floor has some parts covered with white fur carpet and there is a metallic cupboard that reflects the surrounding. The bathroom uses white bowl sink with white tub and white-tiled flooring on the shower room that uses glass wall.

There are some patterns used in the family room too. The room consists of white carpet with white round table on it. There’s an L-shaped white sofa and white cupboard across it for the TV and white vases for the decorations.

The patterns can be seen on the cushions that accompany the white two-story house furniture color with the plaid grey pattern, floral grey pattern, and also a black and white patterned chair beside the sofa.