Small Contemporary Studio with Great View

For some artists, having their own contemporary studio is important for their work. This studio must have a supportive environment too to bring inspirations to the artist. That’s why a studio often built near the shore or in the forest that gives a great view, like the Bridge Studio built by Saunders Architecture located on Fogo Island that is the largest of the offshore islands of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

With the location that is in the middle of the island without any other house nearby, the studio looks stands out with the small white building contemporary studio design. There is also a window facing the lake of the island.

To solve the need of electricity, this house is provided with a solar panel, installed near the studio that can be effectively used because of the open space allows many natural sunlight to come to the studio and the panel.

The studio is a small one-room building with vertical rectangular shape and exposed stonewall. Because of the location, there are some metal pillars below it. You can go to the studio from only one side, through a small bright colored wood bridge with black metal railings.

With only 306 square foot, the building is designed with a simple and clean interior for the owner, with the large white-framed window. Inside, you will find a building with white wood wall and wood ceiling, also with white color.

For the preparation of the cold weather, there is a small black fireplace. Near it, there are two shelves for the firewood. Across the fireplace, there are other shelves for some files and packages. After that, there are small white stairs that will lead to the working space.

The table is stretched with L shape from the shelves of the files to the corner of the working space. For the lighting of the contemporary studio interior design there are some white studio ceiling lamps.

Unique House with Pool for Exercising and Playing with Family

Some people have some things to consider before buying or building a dream house. One of those things involves a swimming pool as home entertainment area for family. It is not hard to find a house with pool currently. It is because most modern houses always integrate a pool as main feature.

Well, an outdoor swimming pool is also incorporated in House in Dionysos. This home with pool project was designed and completed by Nikos Koukourakis & Associates.

This playful yet contemporary House in Dionysos is located in northeastern Attica, Greece. The house with pool plans basically appear in minimalist design as well as the House in Dionysos. It is covered by light gray scheme with dark gray accent covering some details like door and fence.

Some greenery is located on appropriate part of the house exterior to keep it refreshing and cool. When we go to the backyard, an inviting narrowed swimming pool was constructed. This pool doesn’t involve any ladder since it looks quite shallow for all members of family.

From the swimming pool side, everyone can see an open living space emphasized by contemporary open floor plan idea of glass door, wall and window. With this incredible transparency, everyone can see the appearance of living room, dining room, open kitchen, breakfast spot and of course an outdoor dining area for gathering in summer.

Hey, in fact, the House in Dionysos has a large backyard and side area for playing with children and pets. We can put a trampoline on this side of house with several throw pillows for relaxing or even playing.

An open carport with bridge style above it is functional as rooftop balcony surrounded by glass fence where people can gathering or just get a private space alone. Expectedly, without any window treatment, this house with pool floor plans is very romantic by night with bright illumination from indoor.

Contemporary Home Plans with Beautiful Garden Concept

This page will help you much if you have contemporary home plans, because we have a home which will give you great inspiration. This home is designed by FH2L Arquitecturos. Actually, this home is called Casa Ramas. This home is design with beautiful garden and pool concept. Even, you can get mountain scenery view from this home. It is awesome home right? What are you waiting for? See these pictures to get more inspiration.

We have talking about the contemporary home plans and designs. Now, let’s see the pictures of that home. The home is designed in some levels. In the basement, there is special green yard. This basement is designed with white wall and glass windows. In the first level, there is big deck with white railing for protecting the deck.

You can see there are some white pots with flowers along the railing. It is nice private garden. Beside the house is the pool. This pool is so fresh. This place is best place to enjoy the view. You can have a seat on the wooden chair or wooden couch to take it.

This house has the long stair. This stair is designed with white iron guardrail, and the timber. When you pass the stair, you can see the bookcase and the abstract painting. The bookcases stand on the upstairs and the painting adhering on the wall.

Next to the stair is the room which can be used for living room. There is white sofa with striped pillow stands in that room. In front of the sofa is the table. This room is increased with flowers. It makes this room get beautiful performance.

After that, these are some pictures of the floor plan. The floor plans show the whole house designs. You can know the designs of the room in each level. And, you can see the house performance in the outside. These contemporary house floor plans and designs pictures will help you much to manage the house.

Gorgeous Modern Home Showcasing the Simple Black and White Color

Black and white. Both of them are colors that contrast each other. This color combination is so basic and really common. But, with the help of great hands and marvelous idea, this color combination will result in something really fabulous and fantastic, including this awesome contemporary home design project by Formwerkz Architects. Located on Caldecott drive in Singapore, this home design project will enchant you with its marvelous work that mainly involves the black and white color combination.

Entitled as Black & White House, this stylish contemporary home will stun you with its luxurious and modernity. Taking advantage of its triangular site, Black & White House showcases the interesting façade with luxurious sense that will make you hard to take your eyes off of this marvelous residence. You can already see the mix of black and white right when you see its façade. Along with the pop of rich and warm wooden surface in walnut color, the exterior may blend with the fresh green tinge surrounding the property.

As to maintain the relaxing and soothing vibe that should be preserved in any residence, the Black & White House provide the relaxing and refreshing modern swimming pool area. There are also the relaxing loungers that will help making the beautiful sunny day of tropical Singapore feels more beautiful as well as providing the perfect spot to lounge during weekends. With the help of green trees, this swimming pool area may look really inviting as well.

Stepping inside Black & White House, you will find the eye-catchy decoration design that will prevent this residence from being ‘too common’ or ‘too ordinary’. Despite the mix of black and white that is really common, this stylish contemporary home design for its contemporary interior showcases the interesting accent. For example is the gorgeous design for the railings, the use of sparkling crystal clear pendant lightings in rounded shape, the floating stairs, of eye-catchy texture of the clean white wall interior.

Lovely Wooden Home Design Blending with Nature Surrounding

What did you do when you were a child? There are some memorable moments and lovely memorabilia that remind us about the cheerful childhood you had back then. One of them is probably involve a wooden tree house your dad made as a place for you to play with friends.

If living in your tree house used to be your dream, revive your childhood with this brilliant wooden home designed by Golany Architects. Entitled as Two Tree House, this home definitely would bring back the memories.

Related to this situation, you can see how the abundance of rich and warm wooden surface to the shingle wall exterior also makes this wooden home design successfully embraces the pine trees surrounding in harmony. Built in Jerusalem, Israel, Two Tree House presents the extensive use of timber as its main material. It may appear rustic or traditional in design, but you cannot deny the harmony it creates with the peaceful nature surrounding.

This L-shaped home is also designed to blend with nature surrounding perfectly. Do you notice the facade: a lovely floating terrace that spares some space for the existing old tree to grow up?

It is another proof showing how the 2 Tree House is built to preserve in harmony with nature. Rather than getting the tree rid of, you can see the smart and great decision to build the home around the tree instead. Besides, this terrace also provides a great spot to absorb the beauty of lush green, doesn’t it?

Not only great in mixing the building with nature, this wooden home design idea also preserves the necessary privacy. You can see that Two Tree House is designed to be completely shut from outdoor. The small windows can be opened and shut when necessary. And when you walk inside this home, you can also find the gorgeous wooden pieces such as this lovely dining set. See also how the wall space is decorated with beautiful painting in nature theme.

Outstanding Modern Summerhouse in the Trees

Having a contemporary summerhouse in the forest guarantee you to have a nice summer vacation with the family or friends, and the Nitsche Arquitetos Associados have found a perfect place to build one in Iporanga, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The trees and a lake on the backside surround this two stories house. This house also provided a terrace with wood floor for some wood daybeds and dining space. However, you can move them and change the space for a party.

The contemporary summerhouse ideas use the uncommon touches of turquoise color for the iron on the ceiling. There are also uses of glass walls to expose the beauty of the forest outside the house. There are two stairs to go to the upper level that placed on the outside and inside.

Both use wood stairs, but one is surrounded with glass walls, while the other leads to the upper floor’s wood deck with black metal railings. Since the upper level is used for private space, you can close the blue curtains for privacy.

The lower level is a place for the living space with the kitchen, living room, and dining table. There are two metal dining tables with green granite top and white and grey chairs in front of the wood island of the kitchen. The island is used for some storage on the shelves; the kitchen also has some wood shelves and uses black counters with black tiled walls and flooring. Near the kitchen are the white sofas of the living room to watch the TV.

The living room is completed with a wood table with a jar for the decoration. There is also a potted flower on the dining table.

Though the upper level uses glass walls too, but what you can see from outside is the narrow hallway that shows the doors of the bedrooms. You can’t also see the contemporary summerhouse furniture ideas of the upper floor because both sides are covered with concrete wall.