Let us have a look at the type of mattresses that you can buy depending on your choice:

Mattress with Bagged Springs

– Ideal for couples, and has a system that absorbs the movement on one side so that the person who is sleeping on the other side does not feel the impact;

– Right mattress for those who feel comfortable in a firmer model;

– Can withstand up to 200 pounds;

– The tip is to choose a mattress higher, to provide even more comfort;

Mattress with springs of the Super-Elastic Type

– It has an average of 198 springs per m²

– Springs have a wire thickness of 2 mm;

– Supports the average weight of up to 130 pounds;

“It’s between the Bonnel system and the Miracoil. Its support is firmer than Bonnel, but it is softer than the miracle of the Miracoil. Good for those who prefer a bed, but more firmly”, is what experts have to say.

Mattress with Miracoil Type Springs

– Its springs have a high capacity of absorption and distribute well the weight of who is sleeping;

– It has an average of 173 springs per m²;

– The springs have a wire thickness of 2.2 mm;

– Supports the average weight of up to 150 kilos;

Mattress with springs of Type LFK

– Firmer and stable than the Miracoil, the LFK is firmer and adapts to the shape of the body, which makes it much more comfortable;

– It has an average of 208 springs per m²;

– Supports an average weight of 150 kilos;

Foam Mattress

But if you already have the habit of sleeping on a foam mattress or are not planning on shelling out extra amounts when it comes to investing in the new mattress, the good news is that you can instead choose a durable, comfortable and soft foam model.

The criteria for buying the right foam mattress for you is the density, which we have seen previously, and the kind of foam that makes up the mattress. Check out the differences in online mattress sales.

Mattress with Latex Foam

Ideal for anyone with allergies or respiratory problems, this foam allows the mattress to be well ventilated, avoiding the accumulation of fungi, dust mites and dust. In addition, it is great for couples, because it can absorb the movements of one person without the other bother.