To obtain a child mattress does not require very expensive mattresses since children are light, not exerting much force on the mattress. Also, it is necessary to remember that these mattresses need to be changed in a short time due to the natural growth of the child.

When to change the Mattress

It is advisable to replace the mattress every ten years because it is normal to have an accumulation of viruses, bacteria, and trillions of mites, which favor respiratory problems and allergy, including the skin.

It is also recommended to change whenever you think the mattress is dirty or when it already has the shape of your body. However, you can flip the mattress once a year to lessen the risk of the mattress being marked.

Know the Best Mattress and Pillow for You to Sleep Better

An incorrect pillow can cause headache, neck or spine and so your choice is just as important as the mattress. So, to choose a suitable pillow should visit

  • Lie down and check that the spine and neck are aligned and straight;
  • Inform yourself about pillow materials, whether they are biodegradable or if they contain antimicrobial tissue that prevents the development and buildup of fungi and bacteria;
  • If you sleep on your side, you need a medium or high pillow, if you sleep on your belly up, on a low or medium pad, and you sleep on your stomach you do not need a pad.
  • As with the mattress, the proper pillow should not be too high or too low and should be the ideal height to ensure that the neck is straight. It is essential that the cushion helps to align the spine so that it is not bent, so some orthopedic pillows have a small curvature, which serves to support the neck well.