Who are they useful for if you have difficulty sleeping comfortably, suffer from chronic fatigue or some kind of muscle pain, a memory foam mattress should be fine for you, provided you do not suffer too much heat.

Mattress comparison table

In the comparative table it is possible to compare the different types of mattresses according to a qualitative approach, obviously the individual models, according to the specifications may differ from the category to which they belong. This means that a high quality spring mattress, made with superior materials, will certainly be better than a hybrid mattress (even if built with new techniques and more performing materials) made with latex and polyurethane foams of poor quality.

Internal composition

The internal composition factor refers to the material used to build the internal structure of the mattress, and it is a fundamental factor to consider, because all the characteristics of the product depend on it quality, price, hardness, comfort and other factors which we will see in detail in the following paragraphs. Each element is distinguished by characteristics that affect the structure of the mattress (which will be more or less rigid, for example) and the price, given that some materials (especially those completely natural) have a very high basic cost that, inevitably, affects the final price at which the mattress is sold.

You can find a list of all the types of mattresses that you can find on the market, but we point out that in this article we will focus on Macy’s Fourth of July sale.

The interior of a traditional spring mattress

This is currently the most widespread type of mattress on the Italian market and consists of an internal structure made, in fact, with springs that make the mattress solid but elastic. This type is suitable for most consumers because it has medium or medium high lift depending on the subcategory chosen. In fact, it is possible to distinguish the spring mattresses from those with pocket springs, where the springs are independent from one another, reducing the risk of sagging and even accidental joints between the various springs.